La historia de Laura Hartwig

Mission | Vision

Our efforts are directed to producing top quality wines that reflect their origin, and that can accompany and complement world-class gastronomy.

The size of our winery permits that the most relevant aspects can be managed by family members, therefore, we can stay true to our belief that quality results from detailed personal attention.

We aim to consolidate our production and presence in the most relevant markets we have defined, extending ties with our commercial partners and distribute our wines to specialty stores, restaurants, and wine clubs, for the enjoyment of the consumer.

Our People

We are small, tight-knit team, who has worked together many years and have quality and the consumer present in the daily tasks of our activities.

Alejandro Hartwig
Gerente General & Viticultor

Cristián Hartwig

María José Díaz
Relaciones Públicas

Matias Hartwig

Alejandra Cerro
Servicio al Cliente

Angélica Acuña
Asistente de Gerencia

Patricio Serrano
Administrador Agrícola

Karina Becerra
Asistente de Gerencia

Main Markets 

As a family winery, we look for business partners who appreciate quality wines, made on a human scale, that represent our brand and values to generate interesting volumes and form lasting relationships.

We currently produce between 10,000 to 12,000 cases (9L) per year. We sell in Chile and export to: 

» Norteamérica: EE.UU. – Canadá (LCBO)
» Latinoamérica & Caribe: Brasil – Perú – Colombia – Panamá – Costa Rica – Puerto Rico – México
» Europa: Hungría – Italia
» Asia: China – Corea del Sur – Tailandia



As a small winery, we actively participate in associations that allow us to have a voice in the development of the national wine industry and our D.O., the Colchagua Valley.

Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes

MOVI is formed by a group of small producers, that artisanally make unique quality wines, that represent the dreams of each of its members.

It’s a modern perspective that and one that undoubtely brings a richness to Chile. MOVI is a complementary and collaborative counter culture that contrasts the old-fashioned notion that Chilean wine lacks personality.

Working together to create a broader mosaic of Chilean wine, MOVI works by associativity, bringing together the personalities of each project so that together we can have a voice, a vibe, a choice for independent vintners who dare to think small.

MOVI partners produce wines with carácter and on a human scale that show a more profound and real Chile.

Laura Hartwig joined the movement in 2014.

Viñas de Colchagua

In 1996 we founded the Colchagua Valley Wine Route (Ruta del Vino del Valle de Colchagua), along with 5 other wineries with the objective of fomenting wine tourism in the region.

Three years later, with the main wineries of the valley, Viñas de Colchagua A.G. (Colchagua Valley Vintners Association) was established. It’s the first regional association of wineries created to promote the Denomination of Origin of Colchagua.

The Colchagua Valley is internationally recognized not only as the region that produces Chile’s best wines, but also, for being one the most important wine tourism destinations in the world. In 2005, Colchagua was awarded “Best Winemaking Region of the Year” by the prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Being the most awarded valley, we promote the region as the leading premium wine producer of the country and in the development of wine tourism to show the heritage and hospitality of our people.